What It Really Looks Like - Tarot Photo-Series

It’s 2018 and we’re in the Age of Aquarius where beliefs are shifting as people turn to the more spiritual way of life. In its recent popularity and decreasing amount of taboo, spiritual practitioners, counselors and healers are more comfortable sharing their gifts and providing services to those that seek them. Unfortunately, as things turn to the mainstream, capitalism pokes in its head and with a quick change into long acrylic nails, tattoos of symbols, dark long wavy hair and the spiritual “verbiage” making it easy for just about anyone to claim themselves as spiritual. As a result, consumers are being scammed out of their hard earned money or being fed extremely false information about certain traditions and spiritual practices. This series peels back the layers to see what the practice looks like aesthetically and that one who doesn’t look the part, doesn’t mean they’re less knowledgeable in spirituality.

I worked with four local women who are in various stages of their practice and asked them about their feelings surrounding the current state of what it looks like and feels like to be spiritually awakened. Dail, Cathy, Anna and Adria were asked to give themselves a tarot reading and I photographed various layouts, decks and even Anna’s children who are already learning how to do tarot. For more on this series including some of the questions I asked and their responses, please visit my VSCO journal by clicking here.